Our purpose is to supply growth solutions that cultivate valuable partnerships and promote the expansion of horticulture and outdoor living.

For over 50 years, BFG has supplied the Green Industry with the broadest product range and premier customer service. Our robust national distribution network, including 19 warehouses along with our own fleet, supports customers in all 50 states and regions of Canada. Our extensive partnerships with over 1,000 leading manufacturers, allow us to offer 100,000+ skus to meet every customer’s needs.

1.4+ million sq ft of warehouse space
100,000+ products available for order
30,000+ products stocked in warehouses
10,000+ customers
1,000+ vendor partners
150+ sales reps
19 locations (warehouse and manufacturing)




Website & Mobile App Interchangeability

Our website and mobile app work together. You can log in to the mobile application, start an order, then log into the website using the same login and finish or edit the order! It works the other way around too...start on the web, then finish on mobile! Just another way doing business with BFG is easier than ever.



Industry Affiliations