Schools & institutions

Whether it’s being able to see firsthand where food comes from or figuring out how to tend to and care for a living organism, we believe that agricultural and horticultural programs are a vital part of a student’s education. We also believe that with the controlled environment of a greenhouse, learning opportunities are possible all year long, making them an excellent addition to any educational program. At Greenhouse Megastore, we would like to help you find the greenhouse that not only fits your program's needs, but your budget as well, so you can provide your students years of fantastic growing experience.

Garden Centers & Nurseries

As the leading green industry distributor, we have greenhouses and shade-structures specially designed for garden centers and nurseries, with solutions for both family-owned and multiple-site operations. From engineered structures glazed with poly, polycarbonate, glass and glass storefronts, to portable and seasonal structures to extend your selling season, we offer the best solutions to keep your business growing. In addition to your retail structure, we can provide display benches and interior systems to make the best shopping experience for your customers.

Commercial and CEA Growers

With a 50 year history of servicing commercial growers, BFG is the full service provider for all of your greenhouse needs – with a special focus on ornamental, medicinal and food-production crops. Whether a single-bay addition or a multi-acre facility, our team of experts can assist in the design process from the ground up. Our combination of in-house manufacturing, technical design and strong partnerships with premier vendors gives the grower the broadest selection of products to create the right environment for your business to grow.

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