Pots & Planters

At Smart Pots, our vision is to bring home-grown vegetables, fruits and herbs into the everyday life of as many people as we can. Smart Pots also leads the way in assuring the gardening community of a clean planter for growing by providing a product that is free from harmful chemicals. We take pride in our family owned company and that our Smart Pots are 100% USA Made. Gardeners love our fabric Smart Pot planters because they:

  • Aerate the plants roots which increases plant productivity, vastly increasing yield
  • Are lightweight, portable and reusable.
  • Have reinforced seams and strength tested. Smart Pots are durable!

Check out our new display cases that now come in quantities of 12! Smart Pot display cases sell more pots in less space when compared to traditional planters. This will also open the door to add-on sales like soil, plants, seeds, and nutrients. Your customers will love the easy, no construction, out-of-box experience of the Smart Pot fabric planter!