Oasis 1.25In Rootcubes Growing Medium - 2080 Per Case

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Smithers-Oasis Usa
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OASIS® Rootcubes® Growing Medium
1.25in Medium - 104 Cells per Sheet (8 x 13 Configuration) -
OASIS® Rootcubes® growing medium is manufactured in sheet form, with individual rooting cells shaped like cubes. Rootcubes® are available in sheets of various configurations or liners that fit conveniently into a standard “1020” plastic tray. Crops most commonly propagated from unrooted cuttings in Rootcubes media are poinsettias, geraniums, hibiscus, New Guinea impatiens, fuchsia, foliage, perennials, and woody ornamentals. A specialized medium that was designed specifically for a clean, healthy start for unrooted cuttings. Provides the perfect balance of air and water to encourage plant growth and get unrooted cuttings off to a strong start. Contains just the right amount of starter nutrients and are considered an especially economical propagation media.

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