Syngenta Mural + Mainspring GNL AGENCY

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Syngenta Agency Crop Protection
Mural® + Mainspring® GNL Fungicide / Insecticide
Multipack / Contains 3lb Mural® & 2ea 16oz Mainspring® GNL
Mural fungicide and Mainspring GNL insecticide together in one multipak offers protection from ornamental diseases and pests at savings of 15% over individual prices. Multipak contains 3lbs of Mural and 2 pts of Mainspring.

  • REI: 12 Hrs
  • Active Ingredient: Mainspring-Cyantraniliprole, Mural-Azoxystrobin, Benzovindiflupyr
  • Rate: Varies according to application. See label.
  • Controls: Aphids, Thrips, Whiteflies and more as well as ornamental diseases.

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