Growing Containers Created by Definition

  • Manufactured using over 90% renewable, bio-based content
  • Contains no PFAS
  • Durable for hardy growing cycles
  • Saves time on transplanting
  • Certified for Organic Farming (EcoGrow®)
  • Numerous Sizes and styles available


Michael Carr Designs is an exclusive line of high design garden pottery, fountains, statuary and bird baths. With fashionable colors, soft raining finishes and multiple styles, the Michael Carr Designs collection offers something for everyone. Our one-of-a-kind pottery collection is handmade, beginning with a craftsman molding the clay and ending in a rustic old world kiln that provides each piece with its own uniqueness. Available for purchase through BFG Supply.


Enhance. Protect. Suppress.

These high-quality growing media enriched with cutting-edge active ingredients provide ideal growth environments for plant roots and are adapted to growers’ needs. The MYCORRHIZAE™ and the BIOFUNGICIDE™ work together to enhance plant performance, quality, and yield. They also protect plants against root diseases caused by specific root pathogens and suppress certain insects like fungus gnats and thrips.

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