BX General Purpose

General purpose peat-based professional growing medium designed for general greenhouse use and transplanting applications. Perlite and vermiculite provide a balance of moisture and nutrient retention along with good drainage creating an ideal growing environment. With mycorrhizae added.



Michael Carr Designs is an exclusive line of high design garden pottery, fountains, statuary and bird baths. With fashionable colors, soft raining finishes and multiple styles, the Michael Carr Designs collection offers something for everyone. Our one-of-a-kind pottery collection is handmade, beginning with a craftsman molding the clay and ending in a rustic old world kiln that provides each piece with its own uniqueness. Available for purchase through BFG Supply.


Jack's Fertilizers

Jack's Fertilizers are professional grade fertilizers for a wide range of growing environments. All of our formulas are crafted from the best ingredients by the family that's been helping plants reach their full potential since 1947.

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