Payment terms are stated on your invoice. Discounts may be offered on certain products in certain situations and will be specified on the invoice. These discounts, if offered, are only available on invoices paid and received into the BFG office within the terms specifications via cash or check. Buyer is responsible for mail time. Post marks will not be considered. A finance charge of 2% per month (24% annually) will be assessed on invoices not paid within invoice term date. Payments received towards balance will first be applied to finance charges unless otherwise stated. BFG reserves the right to charge the maximum amount of interest allowed by law. Accounts may be placed on C.O.D. status until past due balances (including interest charges) are paid and a credit line is reestablished. In the event BFG must employ a collection agency or attorney to collect any past due account, customer shall pay any and all collection and/ or attorney fees.

VISA, MasterCard, and Discover are acceptable payments  at the time of purchase. Payments made after a finalized sale that require (or per request) a change in terms will be charged a 3% convenience fee. Please call BFG Accounts Receivable department at 800-883-0234 Ext 4997. Mail payments by check to BFG Supply Co., 3874 Solutions Center, Chicago, IL 60677-3008 

Credit can be established by submitting a completed BFG Supply Co. credit application. Allow three to four weeks for complete processing. In addition, a tax exempt form for your state must be on file with BFG Supply Co. or taxes will be charged on all purchases. The credit application must be completed in its entirety to avoid processing delays (credit application is included in this catalog for your convenience). Failure to provide all information will result in declining the application.

Product will be invoiced on the date product is shipped from BFG or when delivery information is received from a manufacturer shipping direct. Monthly account statements are sent at the beginning of each month. Statements are reminders of open invoices. It does not grant an additional amount of time to remit payment. Please follow the terms indicated on your individual invoice. Copies of invoices can be located  at www.bfgsupply.com or contact the Credit Dept at 800- 883-0234 Ext 4997. All of these documents may be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed. Please contact the Credit Dept with your choice preference.  

Our merchandise is sold on an outright  sale basis and is not subject to return unless mis-shipped, damaged or defective. Any shipments refused for reasons other than freight damage will be subject to freight charges both ways as well as a restocking charge. If merchandise is mis-shipped, please contact our office for return authorization. We will arrange return transport and credit.  

Damage in shipment  claims on items shipped via Fed-Ex/UPS/etc., must be made within one (1) business day (24 hours) of receipt of the merchandise. All claims for shortages and defective items must be reported to us within one (1) business day (24 hours) of delivery. All claims regarding billing errors, (pricing, terms, etc.) must be reported to BFG Supply or our representative within 30 days of delivery. Immediately upon receipt of truck shipments, examine the shipment carefully before signing the freight bill. If damage or shortage is evident, do not accept shipment without notation on the freight bill by the driver. Failure to do so may prevent you from filing a claim with the carrier. If you need assistance regarding damage claims, please contact your nearest BFG service location. A photograph of damaged product needs to be included with any damage claim. 

Merchandise found to be defective will be picked up (or field destroyed if you are advised  to do so) and full credit will be issued provided the merchandise does not look like it has been abused or misused and is in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty policy. BFG Supply is not liable for damages, injuries or loss of revenue as a result of a manufacturer’s defective item. 

BFG delivers to customers in designated delivery areas  according to an established daily routing schedule. Although we do our best to run the same routes on the same days each week, unavoidable circumstances may arise which prevent us from adhering to our normal schedule. Please note that we will do our best to make sure you receive the product you need when you need it. BFG delivery charges vary by location. Please contact your local BFG service center for pricing. Or ask your Sales Representative or Customer Service Rep for current delivery charges. Backorders may be subject to delivery charge.   

Delivery on BFG Truck is subject to the equipment available at the BFG Service Center and the ease of access to the destination. Please contact your delivering service center for details.  Some orders may be shipped via Fed-Ex/UPS/ Etc. at the  buyer’s expense and are subject to an additional order handling charge. Deliveries outside of our designated area may not ship via BFG and additional freight charges may apply. Please check with the local BFG location for complete details. Please note: all flower and vegetable seed for plant growers are shipped from our Harrisonburg Facility. No orders may be shipped via UPS for a C.O.D. purchase. These orders must be prepaid. Advanced payment arrangements must be made with your local BFG Service Center for all BFG truck deliveries. BFG drivers do not carry cash.  Important: All orders for delivery via BFG tractor-trailer must be phoned or faxed in at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled delivery day. BFG will accept“add-on” orders before 10:00 a.m. on the business day prior to your scheduled delivery day, but cannot guarantee that they will fit on the trailer. It is necessary that the customer has appropriate personnel present to assist our drivers in unloading. 

Customers who wish to pick up merchandise from our warehouses are most welcome to do so.  However, merchandise is not available in all locations; please call to verify if item is stocked. To help expedite your order, please call your order in ahead. Orders for pick up in the morning should be called into the office by 5:00 p.m. the day before. You may pick up items 8 am-11:45 am and 1 pm-4:45 pm. 

All recommendations made by BFG are compiled  from recognized horticultural sources. We are not responsible for damage or failure due to any recommendations given by BFG Supply Co. or its personnel. 

Seller’s and manufacturers’ only obligations shall be to replace such quantity of product proved to be defective.  Before using, users shall determine the suitability of the product for their intended use, and users assume all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. 

All warranties shall be the responsibility of the manufacturer and subject to terms stated in such warranties supplied to the purchaser by the manufacturer. Seller makes no other warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including any warranty of fitness of the product for any particular purpose even if that purpose is known to the Seller. Credits are limited to the amount of the original sale. Because of varied interpretations of standards at the local level, Seller cannot warrant that the product meets the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, or of any local acts or codes  that may apply. In the event of litigation through the courts arising from any purchase, the Buyer consents to and submits to the jurisdiction and venue of the courts of Geauga County, Ohio. Mail, phone, and internet orders accepted are subject to these terms and the Buyer in acceptance of the shipment agrees to these terms. 

BFG Supply warrants to the extent of the purchase price that seeds or bulbs sold are as described on the container, within subject to the limitation of liability herein set forth, we warrant that at the time of delivery the seeds or bulbs sold are as described on the container, within recognized tolerances. Seller gives no other or further warranty, expressed or implied. 

Note:Every effort has been made to provide current, accurate product information. Product guides/catalogs are intended to represent the many products offered by BFG Supply Co. Call your servicing BFG warehouse for updated product information or if you don’t see a product or size you need. Chances are we can help you. Here are three points to keep in mind as you prepare to place your order: 

1. Order early because stock availability ofsome items is unpredictable.
2. Prices included in this product guide are intended as guidelines only.
3. Prices maychange without notice.