Chris Beytes

Chris Beytes

Chris Beytes is editor of GrowerTalks and Green Profit magazines and author of the widely read weekly e-newsletter Acres Online, which reaches more than 23,000 horticulture industry folks in 66 countries.

Chris is a graduate of the University of Florida, with a degree in journalism and a minor in ornamental horticulture. A former greenhouse owner with his wife, Laurie, Chris has been with Ball Publishing since 1993. In that position, Chris travels the U.S. and the world to stay current on the latest horticultural production, marketing and retailing technologies and trends. Highlights of his career (thus far) including interviewing King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands, and emceeing (five times) the International Grower of the Year awards in Germany.

GrowerTalks/Green Profit and Acres Online  WATCH THE VIDEO

Do you get the weekly email newsletter Acres Online from GrowerTalks editor Chris Beytes? More than 23,000 industry insiders from 66 countries depend on his news, views and insights to help them keep up with the fast-paced world of professional horticulture. Chris combines nearly four decades of industry experience, professional journalism skills and a wry sense of humor to keep it informative, fact-filled and fun. And now he’s live! In Acres Online Live, Chris will share the latest horticulture industry trends and ideas from America and the world—from COVID and cannabis to Amazon and Millennials, Chris will cover the gamut. And maybe a few things he wouldn’t dare put in print!

New Varieties for 2021  WATCH THE VIDEO

Even with CAST being virtual this year, we were still able to take in all of the information and education minus the food for the upcoming year. Chris will talk through interesting and exciting introductions that will add color, texture and customer interest to your benches for the upcoming year.

Garden Center Panel Discussion: Planning for 2021  WATCH THE VIDEO

Chris Beytes will moderate a panel discussion on planning for 2021. The panel will consist of three industry experts sharing their thoughts on deciding how much to buy, how much to grow and what to expect next year. From curb side pickup to prolonged social distancing to increasing your online presence, how do you prepare for the unexpected?

Group Panel to Include:

Jessie Jacobson - Tonkadale

Richard Christakes - Alsips

Jerry Dill - Dills Greenhouse