Theresa Mieseler

Theresa Miesler

Theresa has over 40 years of experience growing and using herbs. Over the years, she has grown over 500 varieties of herbs and veggies and has taught many classes and workshops on gardening and using herbs. She is a life member of the Herb Society of America and was honored to receive the Nancy Putnam Howard Award for Excellence in Horticulture in 2010 from the Herb Society of America. Theresa is also a member of the International Herb Association. She has lectured nationwide and her articles have been featured in periodicals in the Southwest, Midwest and Minneapolis area. Her latest book is Beyond Rosemary, Basil, and Thyme. Theresa and her husband, Jim, are Founders and Owners of Shady Acres Herb Farm in Chaska, Minnesota.

Unusual, Interesting, and Uncommon Herbs to Discover and Enjoy   WATCH THE VIDEO

Discover fragrance in plants whether it be in the leaves, flowers, or both. Learn reasons to grow herbs beyond the favorite basil, mint, rosemary, oregano, and thyme – there is so much more. Theresa will discuss recommended uncommon and unique varieties, propagation advice, and historical information about selected herbs. She will also inspire you with stories about these out-of-the-ordinary herbs.