New Feature- Changes Warehouses on the Fly

Changing Ship-to While Browsing

You may have noticed something new at the top of the screen. If you have multiple ship to addresses, this drop-down menu allows you to change between them from any page on the website.
This may be important to you if your locations do not all have the same warehouse. Switching to a different ship to will instantly refresh the page with availability and other information pertaining to the current shipping warehouse.

Changing Ship-to During Checkout

If you change your ship to during the checkout process, you will receive a message prompting you to review any changes in your cart, such as availability, pricing, or split shipments.  The message will look like this:


Clicking “OK” will take you back to your cart where you can review any changes, and then proceed through the checkout process.





Compare the two carts below. 

They have the same items, but changing the ship-to (and therefore the shipping warehouse), results in changes to availability.