Virtual Purchasing Assistant

Easy, On-The-Go Ordering

Search. Scan. Order…..It’s that easy. We know you are always on the go, so we designed the mobile app to make doing business with BFG easier. Our mobile app gives you the ability to quickly order product, check on product availability and review open orders ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

The fact is, BFG Supply's VPA Mobile App has revolutionized the Greenhouse, Nursery and Lawn & Garden industries by allowing you to order the product you need right from the palm of your hand.


Search Items

The fastest way to find the item you need is to type in the item number and let BFG Supply’s mobile app (and its lightning fast search capabilities) do the rest. Don’t know the item number? Then just type in the manufacturer or some keywords to narrow down your search!

Scan Items

Do you have the item in front of you? Don't bother typing in the information! Simply scan the item UPC or Vendor Item Number Code and gain immediate access to product information the moment you need it. Restocking your shelves has never been easier…..just scan the item, enter quantity, and place the order. It’s that simple!


Favorite Items

We all have them; those items we ALWAYS order. The BFG Mobile App allows you to create multiple favorite lists that contain the products you order all the time. No more searching or scanning, just go to your list of favorites and place the order!

View Open Orders

Can’t remember if you ordered that product last week? You can check your open orders on the BFG Supply Mobile App. Don’t worry, our mobile app shows you ALL open orders on your account, so it doesn’t matter if you place the order via our web site, the mobile app, or called it in to your sales rep or a customer service representative…’s ALL there!

View Inventory Availability

Every time you view a product through the mobile app, you gain immediate access to current pricing and product availability from their local warehouse, as well as throughout BFG’s network of warehouses.

Use with BFG Catalogs and Sales Flyers

Need to order products from our catalog? See something in a sales flyer that catches you attention? ALL BFG Supply printed materials contain product barcodes…..just the barcode with your mobile app and place the order!




Additional Features         

Save Cart Functionality
Add the items to your cart and checkout when you’re ready. Don’t worry; the items will stay in your cart even if you log out.

Feedback Option
Tell us what you think! Whether you have question or need to share some important information, our feedback option is the BEST way to do it. In fact, we’ve even included the ability to take a picture and send it along with your question, comment or concern.

Website & Mobile App Order Interchangeability
Yep, you read that right, our website and mobile app work together. You can log in to the mobile application, start an order, then log into the website using the same login and finish or edit the order! It works the other way around too... start on the web, then finish on mobile! Just another way doing business with BFG is easier than ever.


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