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Whether you choose to refer to BFG Supply's new Stock-Up program as "pay by scan," "Vendor Managed Inventory" or "consignment inventory" is up to you, but we guarantee you'll be calling Stock-Up a "must have" just a few short months on the program. Stock-Up was designed to help our customers manage their inventory more effectively while immediately creating positive cash flow.

Imagine having a greenhouse growing operation and never having to worry about overbuying expensive products like chemicals and fertilizers.

The fact is, Stock-Up removes the risks of over-buying, improves cash flow and provides real-time inventory management through our innovative software. Please click the links found below to learn more about how Stock-Up impacts different levels of the organization, as well as some recently published articles on how Stock-Up is changing the lawn & garden, greenhouse and nursery industries. Contact us at info@bfgsupply.com.

To fully appreciate the value of BFG Supply's revolutionary Stock-Up program, it's important to understand how the program benefits different levels within your organization.

View the benefits of Stock-Up:

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