Buyer / Inventory Manager

Keep New Or Obscure Items In Stock

How many times have you chosen not to purchase a new item because of the minimum order commitments? Have you ever had the need to stock obscure products? With Stock-Up, you can now stock these items easily, affordably and with confidence knowing BFG Supply shares in the risk. *Exceptions apply

Easy-To-Use Web Interface

Everything associated with your Stock-Up inventory program is available through an easy to use website. The BFG Mobile App will also support the Stock-Up program, meaning customers can also manage all aspects of their program from the palm of their hand - anytime and anywhere. *Mobile app only available for iPhone and Android mobile phones.

No Product Leftover

Everyone has finished a season and realized they bought too deep. Now what? For Stock-Up participants the answer is easy; plan for next year without worrying about the excess inventory. BFG takes the hassle away by pulling the product back. It's that simple!

Real-Time Inventory Management

The Stock-Up program is backed by the entire BFG Supply Co. team. Our experts monitor product movement every day. It's our job to monitor everything in real time so you don't have to. No more waiting for the next delivery, it's already there!

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