Ownership / CEO Role

Program Value

Since the program’s launch in 2008, not a single participant has left the program; meaning the program’s value has not diminished for any of the customers currently using it. Many of these are top 100 Grower and key references.


The technology that powers Stock-Up provides never-before-seen visibility into inventory use, stocking and cost impact. We partnered with growers and retailers alike to create a solution designed from the ground up to benefit the industry we serve. In fact, the web, mobile and barcode scanner applications are 100% custom developed by BFG Supply Co.


BFG Supply Co. brings hundreds of years of purchasing experience and a dedicated team to work for you. Our company is built on core competencies in logistics, procurement and technology to make the program easy to use and reliable. Our warehouse at your location is always open, 24/7-365!


BFG Supply Co. makes the most of current technologies to provide a solution that is second to none. With the latest in mobile technologies and website designs, we have a custom solution to help you manage your business more effectively than ever before.

Questions? Contact us at info@bfgsupply.com